Friday, September 30, 2005 in Development

We're proud to announce the development of the Web's First Pro Life Search Engine -- ( allows those who choose to support Pro Life charities and causes to do so simply by searching the Web. is currently in the developmental stage and is scheduled to launch in Beta on October 17, 2005. Please mark your calendars and join us to become an essential part of the Web's First Pro Life Search Engine.

A company like is vital to the pro-life community. This cause is simply not supported by the mainstream corporate world. The result is that the pro-life community becomes marginalized. Sure you can buy a pro-life bumper sticker on the Web, or maybe a T-shirt. But until now there was no way to support this cause by simply participating in the everyday economy.

Many people ask us why we stay anonymous as the founders of such a great company. Our answer is simple and we believe is consistent with both Scripture and Christain humility: We will let our works stand on their own. is not about us as individuals. It's about supporting the pro-life community and its charities through the power of Internet commerce.

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