Friday, October 14, 2005

Pro-Life Advocates Finally Have a Player in the “Socially-Minded” Company Trend

Chicago, IL – October 17, 2005 – The pro-life community now has a representative in corporate giving’s newest trend. (, the Web’s First Pro-Life Search Engine, announced today that it will begin world-wide operations. It is the pro-life cause’s first foray into what has been labeled the “socially-minded” company trend.

Through an advertising relationship with Google, the world’s biggest search engine, provides quality search results for its users free of charge. Like other search engines it generates revenue through the sponsored links displayed along with Google’s standard search results. It is this revenue that uses to make donations directly to approved pro-life charities. As a way of increasing user participation, allows its users to attach their names to the search engine’s donations.

Although Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Paul Newman’s salad dressings have long advertised that a good portion (if not all) of their revenues go to support charitable causes, lately a wave of corporate philanthropy has made major headlines. From Bill Gate’s family foundation to Google’s new $900 million dollar organization, for-profit companies have been using revenues generated through traditional commercial means to give back to society and support the works of non-profit charities. More frequently, these “socially-minded” companies have chosen to give to specific charities with specific charitable goals.

Until now, many believe the pro-life charitable cause has been neglected or at least grossly under-represented. “[Pro-life issues] are a controversial topic most executives don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole,” said one of’s founders. “The result is that the pro-life community becomes marginalized. Sure you can buy a pro-life bumper sticker on the Web, or maybe a T-shirt. But until now there was no way for the pro-life community to support their cause by simply being a member of the mainstream economy.” allows the pro-life community to provide financial support to pro-life charities without reaching into their own pockets. In order for a charity to receive a donation it must meet with the company’s approval process. An approved charity must directly support pro-life activities, and in no way condone, promote, or support any acts of violence in furtherance of the pro-life cause.

The company is relying initially on word of mouth to increase its user base. The more people who use as their search engine, the more money the company donates to pro-life charities. How much can the company generate for pro-life organizations? It’s too early to say for sure, but seeing that Google generated almost $3.2 billion dollars last year through sponsored search clicks, chances are that can make a major financial contribution to the pro-life cause.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pro-Life Community Invisible in History's Biggest Wave of Corporate Giving

An article in The Wall Street Journal yesterday announced Google's creation and funding of a philanthropic organization called The initial endowment for this organization created to assist charities and socially-minded corporation was almost $1 billion.

The WSJ article went on to highlight other major charitable groups organized and funded by today's top corporate earners (e.g., Bill Gate's foundation). It is clear that we are experiencing one of the biggest waves in corporate giving since the days of Carnegie and Rockefeller. But the unasked (and unanswered) question remains: Are any of these company's philanthropic dollars going to Pro-Life charities?

A quick review of the charities involved in some of the corporate giving so far shows the answer is clearly "no." Granted there are some exceptions to this, but besides Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza) and maybe Mel Gibson, what other financially strong voices does the Pro-Life cause have? Other "socially minded" corporations exist such as Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Paul Newman's salad dressings, but they tend to support anti-life causes, not Pro-Life organizations.

It's time for the Pro-Life community to share in the benefits of America's strong economy. We need a "socially minded" company that's dedicated to supporting the culture of life, not the culture of death. That's why was created ( Through our advertising partnership with Google -- the world's biggest search engine company -- we are able to generate revenue that is directly donated to charities that only support the Pro-Life position and actively seek alternatives to the culture of death's quick-fix mentality found in common practices such as abortion and euthanasia. harnesses the power of Internet Search to give back to the one cause that is most important to our culture and at the same time is the most under-represented. is not only a response and reaction to the amount of corporate giving supporting the culture of death. It is also a proactive step to further the good works that so many Pro-Life charities are performing, and to strengthen them financially so they can do even greater works.

Possibly the most attractive part of is that it is 100% and completely free. Users can support Pro-Life organizations without having to spend one penny out of their own pockets. Almost 100% of's revenue comes from on-line advertisers (shown as "Sponsored Links" on the search results page) who pay each time a user clicks on their sponsored link. So Pro-Life advocates can truly take advantage of the revenue generated by the economy (and not out of their own checkbook) to go directly to Pro-Life causes.

The more people search, the more money gives to Pro-Life charities. So copy this article and send it to all your friends.
"You Search. We Donate."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

ProLifeSearch up and running ( is up and running. As we anticipated there are a few bugs and wrinkles to iron out, but we plan on having everything to spec by close of business on October 17, 2005.

Come check it out and please give us your feedback. We welcome your comments and critiques as to how we can make your search experience better.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 Goes Live Oct 7th

October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. What better date to launch Of course, we anticipate some bugs in the system and estimate that all of those will be worked out by Oct 17th.

So join us. Search and support life through