Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pro-Life Community Invisible in History's Biggest Wave of Corporate Giving

An article in The Wall Street Journal yesterday announced Google's creation and funding of a philanthropic organization called The initial endowment for this organization created to assist charities and socially-minded corporation was almost $1 billion.

The WSJ article went on to highlight other major charitable groups organized and funded by today's top corporate earners (e.g., Bill Gate's foundation). It is clear that we are experiencing one of the biggest waves in corporate giving since the days of Carnegie and Rockefeller. But the unasked (and unanswered) question remains: Are any of these company's philanthropic dollars going to Pro-Life charities?

A quick review of the charities involved in some of the corporate giving so far shows the answer is clearly "no." Granted there are some exceptions to this, but besides Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza) and maybe Mel Gibson, what other financially strong voices does the Pro-Life cause have? Other "socially minded" corporations exist such as Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Paul Newman's salad dressings, but they tend to support anti-life causes, not Pro-Life organizations.

It's time for the Pro-Life community to share in the benefits of America's strong economy. We need a "socially minded" company that's dedicated to supporting the culture of life, not the culture of death. That's why was created ( Through our advertising partnership with Google -- the world's biggest search engine company -- we are able to generate revenue that is directly donated to charities that only support the Pro-Life position and actively seek alternatives to the culture of death's quick-fix mentality found in common practices such as abortion and euthanasia. harnesses the power of Internet Search to give back to the one cause that is most important to our culture and at the same time is the most under-represented. is not only a response and reaction to the amount of corporate giving supporting the culture of death. It is also a proactive step to further the good works that so many Pro-Life charities are performing, and to strengthen them financially so they can do even greater works.

Possibly the most attractive part of is that it is 100% and completely free. Users can support Pro-Life organizations without having to spend one penny out of their own pockets. Almost 100% of's revenue comes from on-line advertisers (shown as "Sponsored Links" on the search results page) who pay each time a user clicks on their sponsored link. So Pro-Life advocates can truly take advantage of the revenue generated by the economy (and not out of their own checkbook) to go directly to Pro-Life causes.

The more people search, the more money gives to Pro-Life charities. So copy this article and send it to all your friends.
"You Search. We Donate."


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