Thursday, January 05, 2006

Visiting the Women's Center

Last Friday Joe and I delivered a donation check to the Women's Center of Chicago. It wasn't the first donation made, but it was the first time we personally visited one of our approved charities.

We met with Mary Strom, the executive director, and Mary was nice enough to give us a full tour of their facility (which included a Perpetual Adoration chapel). She was even nice enough to pose for some pictures with us. You can see one of them here.

The donation check was for $500, but after the tour of the facility and hearing about the wonderful things the Women's Center does for life, Joe and I both realized how small of a donation it truly was. On the car ride home, we talked about the fact that we wished we could have given more.

But PLS is still pretty young (only a little over 2 months old now). We know that more users committed to life will hear about PLS and start using it regularly. It may take a few more months (or a year), but we can't wait until the day when PLS has grown to allow us to donate thousands of dollars daily to these types of pro-life charities.

I want to say thank you one more time to all the PLS users who make donations like this possible. Ultimately, our donations are because of you.



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