Monday, March 06, 2006

Donations made this week

We are just now getting out the donation report for last week, and you may notice many new charities receiving donations.

This group of donations totalled nineteen in number, and provided just over $1,000 to the Pro-life cause . . . all thanks to you, our site users! God Bless You All.

One request: Please, please make an extra effort to remind your friends and family to use Many charities need your help! And the cost to you is FREE!

The following donations were made this week:

- In memory of Evelyn T. Pilkington (to American Life League)
- In honor of John Edwin Bernard (to Sisters For Life)
- In honor of Rita A. Nickell (to The Center for Life Principles)
- In honor of The Right to Life Association of Toronto (to Canada Silent No More/Women for Life International)
- In honor of Fabiano Cianciolo (to Houston Coalition for Life)
- In memory of All Unborn Children (to Priests for Life)
- In the name of Krupa Prolifers (to The Women's Center of Chicago)
- In honor of Jean Pierson (to CareNet)
- In memory of Fr. Gerald Lewis (to Human Life International)
- In memory of Michael Davies (to EWTN)
- In memory of All The Unborn (to Lutherans for Life Canada)
- In honor of Joyce and Major Facteau (to ProLife Alliance)
- In honor of St. Monessa (to Population Research Institute)
- In honor of Anthony, Isabella and Nicholas Ventura (to Couple to Couple League)
- In honor of Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val (to The Room at the Inn)
- In the name of The Poirier Family (to Apostolate for Family Consecration ("Catholic Familyland"))
- In memory of The unborn never allowed to live (to Human Life Alliance)
- In honor of Todd Albrigo (to Project Rachel)
- In honor of John Patrick Barth (to Priests For Life Canada)

Thank you again for making these donations possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God!

I have been spreading the word to family, friends, and the forums that I'm active on.

Now if we can only get the word out about this site through EWTN and TBN, that would be great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you fund Rachel's Vineyard?


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