Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recent Donations

These are the donation checks going out this week. (The recipient charities are in parentheses):

• In the name of Mary Speranzella (Valor a l'Amor)
• In the name of Scott Wallisch (La Clinica Guadalupana)
• In honor of Father Rohan for supporting Youth 2000 in CT (Elizabeth's New Life Center)
• In the name of Sage Jensen (American Collegians for Life)
• In memory of Father James Pilsner (died October 2005) (Pro-Life Action Ministries)
• In memory of Donald P. Libera, Sr. (died December 3, 1999) (Tepeyac Family Center)
• In the name of Francis Xavier Gerard Delevante (Maggie's Place)
• In memory of Terri Schindler Schiavo (AAA Women for Choice)
• In memory of Pope John Paul II (Alberta Life Issues Educational Society)
• In the name of Claire and Andrew (Casa de Los Angelitos)
• In the name of Maureen Gutting (Billboards for Life)
• In memory of Elmo Palmer (Culture of Life Foundation)
• In the name of Joshua & Macallan (Life Choices, Inc.)
• In honor of Jean Slingerland, John Paul II, Michael Barnhill (Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust)
• In memory of Unborn children of abortion (Wordnet Productions, Inc.)
• In the name of Lee and Ella Nora Welcker (EWTN)
• In memory of Antonio Cardinal Bacci (Priests for Life)
• In the name of Dave Nix (Women’s Center of Chicago)
• In the name of Isabel Rose Giancola (Human Life International)
• In memory of Sean Patrick Posey (August 8th 1985 - January 4th 2006) (BOMA-USA)

Thanks to all of you for making these donations possible!!!


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