Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Technology Update

Many people have requested a technology update so here it is:

As many of you know Google is (currently) not in favor of us using their ad network to generate donations for prolife charities. Because of this we have been looking for a new search partner for the last few months.

A few of the big ones turned us down for religious/political reasons, but surprisingly not all. We are currently in negotiations with two great search result providers (names to be announced once the contracts are signed).

This will allow us to control the content on the search engine results page to include our own ad network, thereby increasing revenues to create more donations for the prolife charities that so desperately need them.

Thank you all so much for continuing to use ProLifeSearch.com and spreading the word.

P.S. We have even more technology improvements coming, but I don't want to spill the beans on those until they are ready to launch. These very exciting developments will take ProLifeSearch beyond just search technology and bring a good deal more of the Internet's mainstream technology to you -- the prolife community. Stay tuned!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's becoming more common these days that one must have an e-mail address in order to participate in surveys, contests, etc. Sometimes I feel this is a form of discrimination against those who don't have one.

I would like to use PLS, but since I don't have e-mail, I can't.

Blogger ProLifeSearch.com said...

Hi JMH -- You don't need an email address to use PLS. All you need is computer access, which it looks like you have since you were able to post this comment. So don't feel discriminated against. PLS is an equal opportunity search engine!

Jack Manhire


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