Thursday, May 25, 2006

KS Gov Tries to Sound Pro-Life

I know we have a lot of users in our community from Kansas, so I found this interesting. It sounds like the new trend is for politicians to pander to pro-life believers. While I hate being "pandered" to, it also shows me that the pro-life community has some political clout. Take a look.

"Personally, I believe abortion is wrong," Gov. Kathleen Sebelius wrote last week in her message accompanying a veto of an abortion-reporting bill. She also noted that abortions in Kansas have declined while she has been governor, and promised that "my administration will continue to work to reduce these numbers even more."

On its face that sounds pretty good coming from a pro-choice governor. But I don't think anyone's buying it.

"Gov. Sebelius’ attempt in her veto explanation to portray herself as pro-life is outrageous," Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director of Kansans for Life, told The Topeka Capital-Journal. "She cannot reinvent the term, no matter how carefully she chooses her words."

Source: WE Blog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

I just discovered your search engine. Bravo. I was privileged to study under Dr. Rice at Ave Maria, so his endorsement is all it took to make your site my personal exclusive search engine. A good friend of mine is the foundress of the Great Lakes Gabriel Project and as such is very connected to boatloads of pro-life projects and people. She is also a human dynamo. I hope you will consider inviting her onto your board. This is a link that describes the project, and at the end you will find contact information for this great woman, Eileen.


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