Thursday, June 29, 2006

High Court OK's Pro-Life License Plates

The US Supreme Court has ended years of legal battles over the right of citizens to display pro-life messages on their cars’ license plates.

The court declined to review lower court decisions, and let stand decisions by the Fifth and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeals that permitted pro-life license plates to be sold in Louisiana and Tennessee.

Bearing the message “Choose Life,” the plates offended abortion supporters who claimed that the tags violate the First Amendment by not permitting an abortion rights message in the same forum.

“Tennesseans have waited long enough to get this plate on the road and generating proceeds for agencies which help women and families facing difficult pregnancies,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life, according to The Tennessean.

In New York earlier this year, a court ruled that displaying pro-life opinions on the back of one’s car was a matter of free speech rights.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Crossroads" youth walk across country with pro-life message

At 3:30 in the morning a lone figure can be seen limping along the side of Interstate 90. His head is bent in prayer and his body is hunched over from fatigue and hunger. No, he doesn't want a ride, but he wouldn't mind a wave and smile of recognition for his T-shirt with his message emblazoned in large blue letters that he is carrying throughout the country.

"PRO LIFE" is what his shirt says, and his mission is to raise awareness about the sacred beauty of human life - from conception to natural death. He is a walker for Crossroads, an annual pro-life pilgrimage comprised of youth who walk in three separate groups across the United States to deliver their peaceful message of preserving all human life.

Read the full article here by WENDY PITLICK

For more info on Crossroads and how you can help, see their website at

Article Source: The Black Hills Pioneer

Friday, June 16, 2006

US Bishops Approve New Liturgical Wording

They actually approved it! Wow! I think this is good news.

See the article from The Conservative Voice as well as my previous post on this subject.

Friday, June 09, 2006

"Don" Joseph Scheidler Still A Mafia Kinpin, Thanks to NOW

"I'm not surprised that NOW found a way to keep control of this case," said Joseph M. Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League. "In the twenty years we've been fighting NOW v. Scheidler, it has been our experience that NOW's attorneys are masters of the art of deception and misrepresentation."

Scheidler was expecting yesterday morning to watch Judge David Coar sign a Judgment in his favor as directed by the United States Supreme Court in their Opinion handed down on February 28. But once again NOW's attorney Fay Clayton pulled off another delay.

Claiming that she had not had time to consider the Judgment that would put an end to the twenty-year-old lawsuit, Clayton said she had objections to some of the elements of the Judgment. She said she wanted to make sure the Settlement Injunction NOW had secured against Randall Terry prior to the seven-week trial in 1998 would continue in effect in spite of the Supreme Court's finding that there had never been a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) violation.

RICO is for prosecuting the Mafia for Pete's sake. Come on Clayton! Until that judgment is signed Scheidler remains a convicted felon and racketeer. At least Joe's friends can say they know a real Mafioso. Now that you mention it, maybe Clayton's on to something. Look at the hat!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here are the May donations

We donated $1,000 to the following pro-life charities for the month of May because of you. Thank you for helping us support life.

In the name of Mrs. Ruth Morton (Abigail Pregnancy Services)
In the name of Mr. A. Morrison (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute)
In the name of Francis Griffin & Brenda Thieman (Defend Life Baltimore)
In the name of Karen Snelling (EWTN)
In the name of Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc. (Edmonton Prolife Society)
In the name of Rosebell Zimmerer (Jacksonville for Life, Inc.)
In the name of Fr. David Hoefler (Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Centre Fertility Care
In the name of John P. Tietjen, Jr. (Center for Life and Hope)
In the name of Jenn Schiavone (Woman's Choice Services, Inc.)
In Memory of Earl Ray & Elizabeth Kathryn Stone Lewis (Nebraska Coalition for Ethical
In Memory of Steven Pennington (Foundation of Reason & Justice)
In the name of Jeffery White (Women's Center of Chicago)
In Memory of Fredrick Schmitt (WordNet Productions)
In the name of Missionaries of Our Lady of Divine Mercy (Illinois Right to Life)
In the name of Matthew & Anne McLean (One More Soul)
In the name of Baby Quinn (Human Life International)
In the name of Carolyn Craighead (Cardinal Newman Society)
In Honor of Bill Goertz, Father & Author (Stand True Ministries)
In the name of Ravens Respect Life (The Truth Squad)
In the name of Dr. Donald Watkins Doiron (Saint Gianna's Maternity Home)

Connecticut Must Reinstate Choose Life Plates or Pro-Life Group Will Sue

If the state of Connecticut doesn't reinstate the Choose Life license plates that it recently revoked, a pro-life group that promotes adoptions and sponsors the plate plans to file a lawsuit. The state halted sales of the plates after pro-abortion State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal complained.

The Children First Foundation, which is headquartered in New York but does business in Connecticut, says it doesn't want to file a lawsuit to get the plates reinstated but will if the state won't relent.

Elizabeth Rex, the president of the adoption group, told her organization was "deeply saddened" that the state revoked the Choose Life plate "without following due process."

Read the full article here from

Friday, June 02, 2006

For Once, Liturgical Reform May Be a Good Thing

The U.S. bishops will be asked to approve a new translation of the Order of Mass when they meet in Los Angeles June 15-17.

If the new translation is adopted as proposed and subsequently approved by the Vatican, Catholics will have to learn a number of changes in their Mass prayers and responses.

While liturgical reforms have lately meant a change away from the traditional Mass, these reforms seem like an attempt to get back to them.

Take a look at the article here. They sound like a more literal translation of the Latin Mass.

The real question is whether the USCCB will elect to adopt these changes. For once, I hope they pass liturgical reform.