Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Crossroads" youth walk across country with pro-life message

At 3:30 in the morning a lone figure can be seen limping along the side of Interstate 90. His head is bent in prayer and his body is hunched over from fatigue and hunger. No, he doesn't want a ride, but he wouldn't mind a wave and smile of recognition for his T-shirt with his message emblazoned in large blue letters that he is carrying throughout the country.

"PRO LIFE" is what his shirt says, and his mission is to raise awareness about the sacred beauty of human life - from conception to natural death. He is a walker for Crossroads, an annual pro-life pilgrimage comprised of youth who walk in three separate groups across the United States to deliver their peaceful message of preserving all human life.

Read the full article here by WENDY PITLICK

For more info on Crossroads and how you can help, see their website at www.CrossRoadsWalk.com

Article Source: The Black Hills Pioneer


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