Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here are the May donations

We donated $1,000 to the following pro-life charities for the month of May because of you. Thank you for helping us support life.

In the name of Mrs. Ruth Morton (Abigail Pregnancy Services)
In the name of Mr. A. Morrison (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute)
In the name of Francis Griffin & Brenda Thieman (Defend Life Baltimore)
In the name of Karen Snelling (EWTN)
In the name of Dubuque County Right to Life, Inc. (Edmonton Prolife Society)
In the name of Rosebell Zimmerer (Jacksonville for Life, Inc.)
In the name of Fr. David Hoefler (Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Centre Fertility Care
In the name of John P. Tietjen, Jr. (Center for Life and Hope)
In the name of Jenn Schiavone (Woman's Choice Services, Inc.)
In Memory of Earl Ray & Elizabeth Kathryn Stone Lewis (Nebraska Coalition for Ethical
In Memory of Steven Pennington (Foundation of Reason & Justice)
In the name of Jeffery White (Women's Center of Chicago)
In Memory of Fredrick Schmitt (WordNet Productions)
In the name of Missionaries of Our Lady of Divine Mercy (Illinois Right to Life)
In the name of Matthew & Anne McLean (One More Soul)
In the name of Baby Quinn (Human Life International)
In the name of Carolyn Craighead (Cardinal Newman Society)
In Honor of Bill Goertz, Father & Author (Stand True Ministries)
In the name of Ravens Respect Life (The Truth Squad)
In the name of Dr. Donald Watkins Doiron (Saint Gianna's Maternity Home)


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