Friday, August 04, 2006

The New and Improved ProLifeSearch!

Beginning next week you'll start to see some major changes to -- and all of them are for the best!

First, we have a new search technology that will be independent of Google and actually bring you better search results!

Second, the home page will be cleaner and without clutter. I know a lot of you are jumping up and down for joy at this, and Chad (you know who you are) you can stop sending us emails on how ugly the homepage looks.

Third, donations will be made automatically and your chance to have our donations made in your name will be daily instead of monthly. At random times throughout the day a special screen will appear for the user searching closest to that time. That screen will allow you to select not only whose name you want the donation made in, but also which charity will receive it. I know even more of you are jumping up and down at this news.

All in all it will be a better search experience for you and it will allow us more opportunities to make more donations to pro-life charities.

What you'll see is the result on over nine months of development and countless hours of dedicated individual and team effort. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made this possible.

So check out the new site once it's up and start searching!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will all results now be limited to a top 20 pages?

If so, I will use when my desired results are likely to be found in the top 20, but I'm afraid this will shift more of my searching to Google when it is important to be able to comb extensive results quickly.

Like the idea of choosing our own charities, though. Thanks for continuing to work on this site; I am sure your reasons for changing the search engine were important ones.

Anonymous Joe said...

I like the new site. It appears much faster. And being independed from google is a GREAT thing!!!!

I wish you all lots of luck and can't wait to see that donation amount grow into the hundreds of thousands....

Keep up the good work.



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