Friday, August 11, 2006

Something new that we just launched in beta is

Many of you will look at this site and say, "It looks like simply a link to Amazon." And you're right. It's just that simple.

The only difference is that up to 8% of any purchase you make through goes to our pro-life donation pool. So you can buy the exact same things you would from Amazon at the exact same price knowing that you're also helping to provide financial support to pro-life charities.

Amazon isn't just for buying books. You can get everything including electronics, school supplies, clothes, computer games, lawn equipment -- you name it and they probably have it.

So if you're thinking of buying that new outdoor grill online, some birthday gifts, or maybe some clothes and school supplies for the kids, make sure you buy it from You'll get the same great products and at the same time support life.


Anonymous Dybart Simpson said...

The new ProLifeSearch (without Google) seems to be not such a great thing.
There are 510,000,000 results for "god" on Google but only 52 results on

Blogger said...

Thanks Dybart.

Don't confuse quantity with quality. Our new search technology is a "meta-search" engine. That means when you search the web you are actually searching all of the top search engines at one time. The result is more relevant information than any one search engine index (including Google) could ever give you.

Your top results will be much more relevant than sifting through thousands of links. This means you'll find what you're looking for faster with

- Jack


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