Friday, September 08, 2006

International ProLifeShopping has arrived!

At the request of our international members, we have added Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom to our ProLifeShopping family. Now your Euros as well as your Dollars and Pounds can support human life when you shop through the ProLifeShopping portal. You can even see how much money from your purchase will come back to us for our charities.

Soon we will be adding other services to make ProLifeSearch your one-stop Internet shop. Be a good steward of your money! Make sure if you buy something online you use ProLifeShopping to ensure that your money is being used to help save lives.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Is this the Pro-Life Generation?

It could be trending in that direction. In 2004, UCLA's annual poll of U.S. college freshmen found student support for legal abortion at its lowest level (54 percent) since the poll began in 1977. "Glamour" magazine last year noted the "mysterious disappearance of young pro-choice women," pointing to a 2003 CBS/New York Times poll that found only 35 percent of women 18-29 responded that "abortion should be available to anyone who wants it"; in 1993, it had been 50 percent.

Read the full article here. It highlights one of our ad sponsors, Wash for Life (

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood is "shocked."