Sunday, November 12, 2006

Free Teleseminar w/ Fr. Trigilio of EWTN

A quick heads up in case you missed it. . .

One of the bonuses that comes with the Essential Classics of Catholic Spirituality collection is a follow-up live teleseminar with Fr. John Trigilio of EWTN. This teleseminar will be in either early or late January (depending on Father's busy schedule).

The "catch" is that we only have 100 lines for the teleseminar, so only the first 100 people will get in on it.

If you haven't ordered the collection yet, there is still room to get in on that teleseminar bonus. However, there are just a handful of "seats" still available, so act quickly. . .

Here's the link:

Based on how fast these orders are coming in, we expect the bonus to be sold out early tomorrow morning.

The whole offer ends 11:59 PM eastern Thursday November 16th.


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